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Tooth powder

We’ve been experimenting with alternatives to commercial toothpaste around here. Why? It’s mostly the plastic tube it comes in, but I’ve also heard stuff about the glycerin in most toothpaste not being very good for your teeth.

Our first attempt was a simple solution of baking soda and clove powder. Now, we’re taking a recommendation from James Wong’s book, Grow Your Own Drugs, and made a tooth powder from dried sea salt and sage.

That’s it: it’s 50% sea salt, and 50% sage. Alex dried it on the lowest setting in the oven, and then ground it up and put it in a jar. To use it, I just wet my toothbrush and dip it in the jar. The sage helps fight gum inflammation. There’s no coating on my teeth – instead, my teeth will naturally re-mineralize. My next step is to take a small amount to work so that I can brush with it all of the time.